Tassman MTM Edition

Tassman MTM Edition 4.0

Tassman is a rich modular sound synthesis environment based on physical modeling

Tassman is a rich modular sound synthesis environment based on physical modeling. It brings together highly realistic emulation of acoustic instruments, analog and FM synthesizers, loop processors, and crazy hybrid creations simply not possible by any other means. Tassman is both an impressive collection of unique synths and effect processors, and a tightly integrated environment which lets you customize patches in any way you wish. Great sounds, complete control, and sound design power - that's what Tassman is all about.

Feature Highlights:
-Polyphonic modular synthesizer and sound design environment.
-Entirely based on physical modeling for outstanding sound quality.
-Huge synth and effect library - more than 50 synths and 1000 presets.
-Modules library for customizing or creating synths - effects, envelopes, filters, generators, inputs, outputs, MIDI, logic, mixers, resonators, selectors and sequencers.
-Generators and resonators include acoustical objects - flute, mallets, organ, plectrum, beams, marimbas, membranes, plates, strings and tubes.
-User expandable module library - reuse, organize and simplify patch building.
-Unlimited modules per patch.
-Internal audio recorder to capture performances on the fly.
-Integrated browser, browser filters and locate function for easy navigation and organization of Tassman elements.
-Triggered playback and record for perfect loops.
-Import/Export functions for easy sharing of synths and effects.
-Unlimited Undo/Redo capability.
-Drag and Drop capability between Tassman elements.
-Audio bit-depth and sample rates up to 24bit/192kHz.
32bit floating point internal processing.
-Real time calculation of sound - no samples.
-Simultaneous operation of multiple MIDI ports and user defined MIDI maps.
-MIDI automation and program change support.
-Supports all standard plugin formats.
-Full audio and MIDI hardware support.
-Standalone operation - no host application required.

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